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Animal Protectors Fight In Court Against Mandatory Hunting


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Meat Industries' Impact on the Environment

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Great International Demonstration in Bamberg, Germany

 against the “Bavarian Day of the Hunters,”

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Put on by: Association for the Abolition of Hunting –

 Dead DeerPriest blessing hunters quarry 

Perhaps you are aware of the protest vigil that took place on the opening day of the Museum Man and Nature in Munich, Germany, where, for the first time, the famous brown bear Bruno, now stuffed, was displayed. There was quite a bit of news coverage of this event, and what was expressed over and over again is the fact that:

  • Bruno has become a symbol - a symbol for the way people treat animals.

  • Bruno has become representative of all wild animals shot and killed by hunters - for the simple pleasure of killing.

  • Bruno has become a symbol of how politics treat the animals: Bruno became a political problem and the solution was to kill the bear!

  • If deer chew the bark off of trees because they are driven from their habitats of fields and meadows and escape to the woods for fear of the bullets of hunters, the solution is: Kill them!


Big Demonstration in Bamberg, Germany to protest

“Day of Hunters” with a St. Hubert Mass, on Saturday, April 5, 2008

“Hunters Wage War Against Nature and the Animals” 

Protectors of animals and nature from all over Germany and neighboring countries will be protesting the celebration of “Day of the Hunters,” which is taking place in Bamberg. They will protest against a bloody hobby of those who kill for pleasure.

Planned Schedule: 

14:00 Start of the Anti-hunting Demonstration before Bamberg’s main train station – Demonstration march via Luitpoltstrasse – Königstraße – over the Kettenbrücke and into the pedestrian zone

14:30-16:00: Downtown Rally on the “Grünen Markt”

  • Speeches given by various animal and nature protection organizations from all over Germany

  • Information stand

  • Free for all participants – delicious food, free of animal suffering

17:00-19:30: Vigil in front of the cathedral to protest the regional St. Hubert Mass in the Kaiserdom scheduled from 18:00-19:00

  • Memorial service for the dead animals – as a countermeasure to St. Huber mass

  • Rehabilitation of St. Hubert: He saw a cross in the antlers of a stag and heard the question from Christ: “Hubert, why are you hunting me?” – Following this, Hubert renounced hunting.

  • A challenge to the Pope, the Catholic bishops and other church representatives to finally discard their Christian guise – because whoever blesses weapons and the brutal murder of animals is not Christian.

Motto of the “Day of the Hunters": “Hunters in Honorary Service for Nature and Society.”

Motto of the demonstration: “Hunters Wage War Against Nature and the Animals"

We warmly invite you to join us!

And if you cannot join us, perhaps you would like to send in your solidarity statement for this effort. Lend your voice, too, in support of the animals! Let it be heard at the Rally!

Send your statement to:

Please be sure to mention the organization you represent or are a member of. Thank you for your support!

*: For more information on the legend of St. Hubert, click here: St. Hubert Mass






 International Demonstration

in Freiburg, Germany

June 23, 2007, 12:30 – 3:00 P.M. 

Meeting Place at 12:30


Closing Rally at 2:00 P.M.


People, Don't Eat Meat! Why?

Because eating meat is cruel! Because eating meat makes you sick! Because eating meat is harmful to the environment! Because eating meat causes global suffering!

Away with Animal-Ghetto Wardens!
In Germany, there are 82.5 million inhabitants compared to over 166 million livestock, of which almost all languish in tormented existence in the animal-ghetto industry!  (123,407,800 poultry, 26,818,400 pigs, 13,063,600 cows, 2,584,300 sheep, 524,800 horses, etc.)
Down with Slaughterhouses!
500 million animals are deliberately killed by the fellows of death (the butchers) and the wanton killers (hunters) to end up on the plates of people as a piece of animal  carcass. This means a meat-eater has about 6 animals a year on his conscience. With a human life-expectancy of 75 years, this means 450 animals die for the sake of one single carcass eater.

This is why we call for:

  • A ban on the wanton killing of animals by slaughtering, hunting, fishing or vivisection
  • A ban on factory farming and the exploitation of animals
  • A ban on advertisements for meat
  • A ban on the use of solid and liquid manure in the fields
  • The classification of meat as a luxury item, like alcohol and nicotine
  • Correspondingly higher health insurance fees for meat-eaters
  • Animal rights education in the schools

Demonstrate With Us!

...or send in your statement of solidarity for the international speeches and greetings at the final rally! Each voice counts in making an impact and to show the growing unity and strength of animal rights advocates the world over.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Click here to write your statement and send it in!


The Great International Demonstration

Sep 2, 2006 - Munich, Germany

Exciting Report on Demo

More Information on Bruno                          Sign our petition



Jesus lived for the people and for the animals.

Jesus died for the people and also for the animals.


God says: "You shall not kill!"


With this God not only meant “you shall not kill people.” Instead, He meant all creatures that breathe the same air.
This is why we ask the question to every animal ghetto keeper, to every slaughterer and to every hunter: “Have you ever given breath to an animal? Who allowed you to take the breath from a creature of God? – It wasn’t God. So, if it wasn’t God, then who was it?!”


For the third time this year, on Pentecost Saturday, a great international demonstration took place in Würzburg, Germany, under the above motto. Over 1.000 animal activists from several countries participated against the killing that takes place in slaughterhouses, in laboratories and in hunting.


Click here to see the pictures




A Slaughtering Feast Holiday  

Along with Christmas and Thanksgiving, Easter is one of the greatest slaughtering feasts of our modern world. The torment of animals being mercilessly slaughtered for the sake of a Christian holiday reaches crass proportions on this date.

And yet, at Easter-time, Christians the world over remember the suffering and death of Jesus. But: Was the crucifixion of Jesus for the sake of people alone? Did Christ suffer merely for the people?

Early Christian writings have shown that Christ also came to release the animals from their suffering and torment! Therefore:

Christ Also Came For The Animals 

Easter Saturday, April 15, 2006

 Report on the Great International Demonstration in Würzburg, Germany on Easter Saturday, April 15, 2006                               

 Statements of Solidarity

Thank-you for supporting this cause! 





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